Music, Theater & Dance for K-12 Curriculum
Fall 2014

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Below is the list of some of the cultural partners CAE works with to bring the arts to schools. To get more information on bringing one of these performers to your school, just click here to fill out this form and let us know what you're looking for!

Music Repertory

Art Baron Jazz Quartet
Title: The Good News About Jazz and Blues
Grades: K-12
Art Baron
The Art Baron Jazz Quartet presents an interactive performance of music taken from the early years of jazz with a particular focus on the music of the legendary Duke Ellington (“Take the A-train” and “C-Jam Blues”). Art’s performances have student audiences on their feet dancing and joining in call and response with the intstruments of the quartet (Trombone, piano, bass and drums).

Art Baron is known in international jazz circles as a soloist in his own right and as a trombonist with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. In addition, Mr. Baron has performed with Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Bob Green & Co.
Title: Mountain Music
Grades: K-12
Bob Green & Co
Bob Green’s program “Mountain Music” blends North American traditional music with other styles brought to this country by immigrant musicians in the early 20th century. An incredibly versatile instrumentalist, Mr. Green brings these traditional songs into the 21st century through the sounds of fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass and vocals.

This inspiring program offers an energetic  interactive performance with traditional tunes and vocal/instrumental harmony that has audiences humming for days.

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Manhattan Brass Quintet
Title: Blast Off with Brass
Grades: K-12Manhattan Brass Quintet

The brass quintet’s school program “Blast off with Brass” introduces school audiences to the colorful and exciting sounds of brass instruments.  All instruments (trumpets, French horn, trombones) are  demonstrated and featured in the diverse repertoire which is steeped in the traditions of the music of the past 500 years!

Playing muisic ranging  from Bach to Mancini. Mozart to W.C. Handy and beyond, the Manhattan Brass Quintet engages its audience from the very first note of Richard Strauss’s ageless fanfare as it continues on its fanciful musical time machine.

The Manhattan Brass’s has been exciting audience internationally for 25 years and its “Blast of with Brass” program has received national attention on CNN and NPR for engaging “every student who hears  its notes”

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Héctor Del Curto´s Eternal Tango Trio
Title: The Sounds of Tango
Grades: K-12
Eternal Tango Trio
Dedicated to reviving and extending the rich tradition of Argentinian tango music, the Eternal Tango Trio has thrilled students in schools across America.

Performing a repertoire that spans a century, they trace the sounds and influences on the tango, from African rhythms to more formalized European concert music. Students will leave the performance with a strong sense of rhythm and will be inspired by the passions and traditions of this unique musical form.

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Theater Repertory

Gregg Goldston -- Mime
Title: Louder than Words
Grades: K-12
Gregg Goldston
During Goldston’s 21-year term as Artistic Director, the School for Mimes became the leading institute for classical mime in the United States. Mime remains one of the most popular art forms in the schools because of its power to stimulate the students’ imaginations.

Whether in a lecture hall or in a classroom workshop, Gregg’s 35 years of experience with teaching students of all age groups has led him to perform and/or teach with a disciplined yet parental nature, giving each audience member the feeling of being the most important person in the room.

As seen in “Louder than Words,” Goldston’s universal wordless art captivates audiences like no other medium can. His stunning technique, impeccable comic timing and mystifying illusions leave his audience with an unforgettable experience.

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David Gonzalez -- Storyteller
Title:Aesop Bops
Grades: K-12David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez writes, performs and produces quality shows for all ages -- adults, teens, tikes and teens. His topics range from historical dramas to spoken word/poetry, fairy tales, epic myths, community voices and more.

David is the proud recipient of the 2011 International Performing Arts for Youth “Lifetime Achievement Award for Sustained Excellence”. David was nominated for the 2006 Drama Desk Award for “Unique Theatrical Experience” for his production of The Frog Bride at Broadway’s New Victory Theater.

David’s program “Aesop Bops”, presented by David and composer/keyboardist Daniel Kelly includes playful renditions of The Lion and the Mouse, The Fisherman’s Wife, The Turtle’s Shell and other fables through movement, voice and musi

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Dance Repertory

Nai-Ni Chen
Title:The Art of Chinese Dance
Grades: K-12
Nai-Ni Chen
A multi-cultural, interactive dance program with dazzling costumes and fantastic props, the dancers bring young people on a journey to explore one of the most ancient cultures in the world.

The journey takes the audience from the ribbon dance originated in the Han dynasty to the beautiful and elegant Celestial Lake dance created by Nai-Ni Chen just a few years ago. Detailed narration on the background and inspiration of each dance also enhances the educational experience. The audience learns the history, geography and the basic practice of traditional dance.

Audience participation is encouraged during the program. Selected students are invited on stage to learn how to dance with silk ribbons. This program is a great way for students  to become excited about Chinese culture and gain a better appreciation of the values that their Asian friends and families bring to America. “The Art of Chinese Dance” is specifically designed with K-12 schools, community centers, and libraries in mind.

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Carlota Santana - Dance
Title: Flamenco Vivo
Grades: K-12Flamenco Vivo

This program combines performance, exploration and  audience participation  and is a wonderful blend of entertainment and education. The artists perform  in full, colorful, traditional flamenco costumes and explain the intricacies of flamenco dance, song in the context of  its rich cultural history.

During the program, students listen to castanuelas (castanets), the taconeo (footwork) and the palmas (rhythmic hand claps). Students also listen to the unique sounds of the acoustic guitar and authentic singing.

The objectives of the program are to show the origins of the flamenco dance, song and music; to demonstrate and illustrate the relationships between Spanish and Latin American cultures; and to present a high quality, entertaining multilingual program.

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