NY Times: Amy Sedaris Hosts Super 8 Motel Art Giveaway at NY Gallery


NEW YORK — You don't expect to find paintings from motel rooms hanging in a New York art gallery. But Openhouse gallery will be showing art from Super 8 motels and giving it away with help from comedian and lifestyle guru Amy Sedaris.

"Let me tell you something," Sedaris said in a phone interview Monday. "That art could not be uglier. The hardest thing I ever did in my life was to come up with names for it all. That was really hard. You're just looking at something, and I don't know what to call it — 'That (expletive) Duck' - mindless art."

Sedaris was tasked with naming each of the artworks, about 100 of them. The Wednesday evening giveaway at Openhouse gallery is called "When the Art Comes Down: Works from the Super 8 Collection."

The "not-so-super" Super 8 artwork mostly consists of paintings, like "your very typical deer in a snowy field by a babbling brook," said Mike Mueller, senior vice president of Super 8's brand operations.

"Amy appreciates imperfection with humor. We thought as co-host, she could bring some really interesting light to what could be perceived as very uninteresting art," said Mueller.

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