Integrated Learning Project Research Consultant’s Final Report

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CAE's discontinued Partnership Grant Program is mentioned.

In 2003, Marcia McCaffrey, Arts Consultant for the New Hampshire Department of Education,  and several colleagues, collaborated to apply for a Council of Chief State School Officers Christa McAuliffe Educator Explorer Professional Development Program planning grant).

The purpose of the grant, entitled The New Hampshire Integrated  Learning Project (ILP), was to create time and resources to bring together some of the most  talented arts educators, leaders, and researchers in arts integration in the state to better  understand what could be done to enhance the infusion of the arts in the education of New  Hampshire young people. My role as research consultant was to learn about existing research  being conducted in the field, to document research-based model programs in the state of New

Hampshire, and to ultimately design and propose a research process that would more clearly  demonstrate the effects of successful arts integration programs on students and their learning.

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