Artsblog: The 9 Questions You Need to Answer to Run a Winning Arts Advocacy Campaign

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For many artists and cultural leaders, being a part of a political campaign is the farthest thing from their mind. Concentrating on a new creative inspiration, the upcoming show, ticket sales, are often the #1 focus for an artist or arts administrator.

Yet, we all have to remember the arts and cultural community is a public good. Like schools, police departments, and roads, the arts deserve public investment as they are vital to the health and vibrancy of our communities.

Public policy decided by our political leaders is a major factor in deciding the level of resources and support for the creative sector’s work. If the arts, cultural, and creative community wants the resources and support necessary to build vibrant, healthy and equitable communities, it has to start embracing and running political campaigns to build that public support.

If we don’t all build and implement campaigns for our cause, the arts and cultural community cannot compete with other advocacy communities and will get stuck as a second tier advocacy force.

While I run the Massachusetts arts advocacy organization MASSCreative, my background is not in the arts field. Besides a pottery class I took last year, my previous arts class was drawing with Ms. Mullin in 8th grade. Rather, over the past 33 years, I have ran local, state, and national campaigns that have brought together people to engage in important campaigns.

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