Arts Education Matters

Research shows:

  • Students involved in the arts are 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement  and 3x more likely to win a school attendance award.
  • 72% of today’s business leaders say that creativity is the number one skill they seek when hiring.
  • Students engaged in arts learning score higher on the SAT and are more likely to graduate on time than peers with little school-day arts instruction

Voting This Fall Can Help Arts Education
Elected officials make decisions about funding and policy that impacts what students learn and what resources schools receive. All City elected officials including Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller,
District Attorneys, Borough Presidents, and City Council members may be up for election.

Voter Registration Information:
Learn About Candidates:      
Find Your Representatives:   
Call 311 to find out where you should vote, election dates, and more.   

Important dates      
Primary Elections:     September 12, 2017        Register by August 18, 2017
General Election:     November 7, 2017        Register by October 13, 2017   

NYC Has Arts Learning Requirements for All Students

Grades         Required Hours    Arts Learning Requirements
PreK-K          n/a     Arts integrated into all curriculum
Grades 1-3   186     All students spend 20% of time learning art skills
Grades 4-6    93      All students spend 10% of time learning art skills
Grades 7-8    110    All students must complete 2 half units taught by a licensed arts teacher
High School   108    All students must complete 1 unit taught by a licensed arts teacher

Department of Education:
Office of Arts & Special Projects:

#voteforartsed is supported by New York Community Trust Cultural Agenda Fund.

Partner organizations include:
Alliance of Resident Theatre New York 
Arts East New York 
New York Foundation for the Arts

NYC Coalition for Educational Justice  
St. Nick’s Alliance
The New York Coalition of Community Schools of the Arts


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